Do you want to be a qualified and friendly student, but you don’t know what you should do? If you do, no need to worry because to realize your dream, you can follow several things below:

Achieve many school achievements. This is not easy, but you can do it as long as you want to study hard and never give up. If you feel that you already fall behind from other students, boost your knowledge and skill by taking additional courses, following seminars and training programs, and studying together with smart friends. If you already have good knowledge and skill, there is no reason not to get school achievement that you want.

Obey school rules. This is an important thing that you must do. If you like skipping class, coming late, or ignoring your school assignments, stop doing those bad habits soon. In contrast, it is better to start obeying school rules, so your teachers don’t scold you and you don’t get punishment anymore. Keep in mind to obey the rules not for one or two months, you have to do it every day.

Care about friends who need helps. There are many smart students who become arrogant and ignore their friends. Never do this because it will only harm you. You should always care about friends who need helps, so you can build and strengthen relationship with them. This is also useful to build your image, so your friends can trust you. For instance, if your friend is sick, you can visit him/her and bring fruits and flowers. Here, you are suggested to buy flowers at

The point that involves mind is variety, isn’t it, if we discuss Indonesia? Yes, be it variety with regards to culture, language, religion, group, country, or traditions.

Not just has that, but also variety was also provided by every area in Indonesia when it comes to food, among which is really a rujak. Rujak is meals based on mixtures of fruits or vegetables which are usually included brown sugar sauce, chili sauce, or other suitable imagination population of every area.

1. Rujak Cingur. Rujak Cingur is extremely common in East Java, correctly in the region of Surabaya. Rujak Cingur consisted of a few slices of fruit such as young mango, pineapple, and others are added to the rice cake, tofu, tempeh, and sprouts, bean sprouts, and green beans are then mixed with a sauce of processed shrimp paste, sugar red, chili, and peanuts.

2. Rujak Shanghai. Correctly in the region of Treasure or old town, you’ll be given Rujak Shanghai, if in Jakarta. Rujak Shanghai includes cucumber, squid, radish; kale is combined with a sauce of tomato sauce, soy sauce, and the sauce Toman. Usually, nuts smoothed created toping Rujak Shanghai.

3. Rujak Kuah Pindang. If it doesn’t taste just Balinese salad Rujak Kuah Pindang in the event that you are on vacation to Bali, it seems unfinished. You’ll find Rujak Kuah Pindang near Bali, Ubud region, Uluwatu resorts and different areas to retailers.




Occasionally, egoism, misunderstanding, jealousy, and controlling become primary elements which make connection damaged. Actually, if people can’t handle their feeling when obtaining damaged connection, they are able to do terrible things, like preventing or persecuting their partner. This can be a severe issue that you need certainly to prevent in addition to possible. Hence, if your relationship together with your partner isn’t great, you’ve to manage your feeling properly. How to proceed to repair your romance? You need to do these, aside from apologizing:

Introspect home one another. Learning from mistakes is crucial, to help you reduce the dangers of having exactly the same issue as time goes by. For this, introspect discover the errors and home one another. Your girlfriend and you must certainly be smarter in answering experiencing and issues, if really, the errors are about uncertainty just. Think positively so both you and your partner don’t suspect, and actually and clarify what’s happening genuinely and be furious quickly.

Begin speaking. Whenever you are prepared to start repairing your connection and already recognize your problems, start speaking. Display love and your interest by talking on social networking balances or BBM, contacting her, and giving messages. Besides, if you like to generally meet her, provide her beloved plants to create her happy. Visit Flower Advisor that provides numerous lovely plants, should you don’t find the correct florist however. If you want this online florist additionally offers flowers delivery Singapore.

Imagine if she’s still sluggish to speak and fulfill you? Give additional time to relax heart and her brain to her. Ideally, by doing these, you are able to repair connection together with your partner.


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Individuals may be seen as the absolute most valuable value in existence. Excellent person is person who includes a family content and intact. With all this, it’s appropriate for all of US to appreciate the household as opposed to the employer, partner, friend, and sometimes even content. To help you to advise the value of family life, contemplate a few of the subsequent family assignments:

Provider safety

Family will usually offer security to you in the negative items that will make you wretched or dismal. Quite simply, the household can perform selection of methods to allow you to feel relaxed, secure, and feel secured.


Buddies aren’t permanently inspire you, often there’s an excellent buddy in-front but fallen behind. If Your household, he’d usually supply the complete nature of devotion and sincerity for you to become more appealing, better, or more sensible

Character building

Individuals can also be good or poor developing your individuality. It’s improbable you’d be established in to a grumpy person and prefers violence, as soon as your family is definitely dominated by violence. Nevertheless, if you’re household is inversely focused by endurance. You’ll be described as a gentle person and flexible.

Provider of devotion

Buddy or partner doesn’t often give authentic devotion for your requirements. Maybe it’s simply because they need to get from your own anything possibly with regards to material and non- material. However, if the household, he’ll present legitimate passion for your requirements with no slightest sense to work with.

Achievement of actual requirements

Your family also acts whilst the pleasure of actual desires. In a way, the household may perform selection of methods to satisfy your actual needs including food, beverage, clothing, housing, and so forth.



Generally humans born with different skin, some have normal skin, some have oily skin, and some have dry skin. Of the many types of existing skin, dry skin that most commonly need extra care. If not treated properly, dry skin can be the biggest trigger of premature aging, wrinkles, or scaly skin. Do not want old faster which makes you a crisis of confidence? If so, you can do some simple beauty treatments following:

  1. Use lotion, moisturizer, or sunscreen. Sunlight is very good for skin health. However, this happens when the under at 10 am. If the above at 10 am, the sun can make the skin or facial burns. So, make sure to use lotion or moisturizer for body and facial sunscreen for when you leave the house.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Another simple steps you can do to treat dry skin is drink water a day at least 8 glasses per day. Easy is not it? You need to know, quoted from several sites of beauty, water not only can cope with dry skin but also can make the skin look whiter.
  3. Perform maintenance. Besides these two simple steps above, you can also do at home beauty treatments using natural ingredients such as tomato mask, honey, or banana for face and body scrub olive oil, jicama, avocado for skin or body. On the other hand, you can also do beauty treatments at the Clinic as well Ovela Body Peeling, Platelet Rich Plasma, and so forth.



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What would you do to organize for greater fund as time goes by? Many people might buy insurance to safeguard home and their family as the sets begins investing. Well, purchasing health, life, house, and/or insurance is essential, however, you likely wish to spend your hard earned money also. If that’s the case, property investment in Malaysia could be ideal for you. Why? Below are why you’re recommended to purchase Malaysian home:

  • Economics development

    Home buyers often think about the economic development in a specific region. What about Malaysia? Effectively, Malaysian economics keep developing without a doubt particularly in housing market. Malaysian property is definitely sought after. Hence, it’s ideal for home rent or resale within your expense.

  • Proper area

    Area is actually the primary problem for home buyers. Some experiments and reports demonstrate that Malaysia is among the many ideal places in Asia for home investment. That’s since Malaysia has plenty of attractions particularly in large towns, such as for instance Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, and Johor Bahru. Besides, Malaysia seldom gets pure catastrophe.

  • Numerous kinds of home

    Last although not least, you may also purchase any home in Malaysia. The home form you can buy is among terraced house, bungalow, apartment, condo, penthouse, residential house, and every other. Hence, you may produce location from the kind of home you truly wish. You need to be certain to find the lucrative one.

Yes, the above mentioned are three major causes to purchase Malaysian home. Besides, the interest rate is relatively low and stable to ease borrowers in mortgage repayment.

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Scholarship, of course you all already familiar with this word. Scholarships are financial assistance given good education by universities, schools, government, private companies, or foundations for a particular purpose.

Both people with low ability, medium, and Mr. qualified people with economic capacity is not likely to hunt for these scholarships. Not so? But you need to know, not all people are entitled to receive this scholarship. Quoted from several sources, here are some general guidelines in awarding scholarships:

beasiswa9Capabilities. It is generally a guideline in awarding this scholarship is the ability of the recipient. In other words, the ability of a person should be given an award recipient or credibility.

  • Academic. Such capabilities as well as academic skills possessed, for example, good at any subject matter offered in schools, which are shown in good values​​. Typically, the scholarship will be awarded if the student or the student is able to maintain the consistency of its values ​​. This scholarship is generally called a merit scholarship.
  • Non- academic. On the other hand, the scholarship will also be awarded when the student or the student state the name of the school or through the talent he has, as well as in terms of championship sports such as swimming, tennis, basketball, football, javelin, or so forth. Generally, this scholarship is referred to as an athletic scholarship.

State of the economy. Other guidelines fall on disadvantaged children in economic terms. In that sense, the student or the student is entitled to fee scholarships per semester, books, or other if less capable. This scholarship course aims to enable them to continue education or equivalent with those who have the economic capability. These scholarships are generally referred to as scholarships or scholarship aid underprivileged.

SEO2In the world of business, especially online business, a term which is duly recognized is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? SEO is a method that is carried out by people who have special skills to be able to display a website or blog on the main page of a search engine, like Google, What advantages do SEO?

Bring a lot of visitors. For some people, especially those living in big cities, either looking for information about education, food, and even jam was using Google. Website which is the first time they click on websites that are on the first page.

Increase sales. After seeing and feeling fit, or click with the information/goods/services offered on the website it is not likely the website visitor will make a deal.

Increasing competitiveness. If your website is in the first position while the competitor’s website is in the second position is certainly can increate competiteveness, is not it? Particularly in the level of sales.

Regarding experienced SEO provider, you can contact Papdan.

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business tripSome of my friends ever told me that going on business trip will be fun if I use free time to travel and explore interesting place in destination place. Actually, what they ever told is true. Two week ago, my boss asked me to go on business trip to another city for three days. At that moment, I felt happy because I could do business and vacation together.

When being destination place, I prepared my business needs because another day, I had to monitor business project. Each time I finished my job, I visited some interesting places there. By doing this, I could release my stress and get in the mood.

Before going home, I bought some souvenirs for my families and close friends. My boss was happy with my performance. He also appreciated my work by giving me bonus. I hope I can go on business trip and vacation someday later.

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kapal tongkangSalah satu angkutan laut yang umumnya digunakan khususnya dalam hal pengangkutan barang adalah kapal tongkang. Perlu Anda ketahui, kapal tongkang tidak seperti kapal pada umumnya. Mengapa? Yup, kebanyakan kapal tongkang tidak memiliki mesin penggerak sendiri melainkan ditarik oleh kapal tunda.

Meskipun demikian, kapal tongkang memiliki fungsi yang patut diperhitungkan. By the way, ada yang tahu fungsi dari kapal tongkang?

Mengangkut bahan hasil tambang. Sebagian orang lebih memilih mengangkut bahan hasil tambang seperti batubara, biji besi, nikel, pasir, dan lain sebagainya dengan menggunakan kapal tongkang. Meskipun sewa kapal tongkang terbilang mahal yakni sekitar 800 jutaan/bulan (untuk yang 300 feet) namun dirasa hal ini cukup sepadan untuk muatannya yang bisa mencapai 8000 MT.

Mengangkut peti kemas. Selain itu, kapal tongkang juga bisa mengangkut peti kemas. Dalam hal ini, umumnya yang digunakan adalah kapal tongkang yang menggunakan mesin.

Menyebrangkan transportasi darat. Kalau dahulu umumnya jembatan penyebrangan masih sulit ditemukan. So, untuk menyebrangkan transportasi darat seperti mobil, truk, motor, atau lainnya yakni dengan menggunakan kapal tongkang.

Info selengkapnya bisa Anda temukan di blog tongkang.

tarik perhatianSurvey proves that most people are generally more choosy singles that instance must have a luxury car, should be handsome, or other, inferior because it has a fat body, or it could be because it was too busy with his work that I forget to couples looking for affairs. You do not want to being single again? Grab the attention of the opposite sex. The trick

Change the appearance. To grab the attention of the opposite sex, you can start from your appearance.

  • Hair. Your hair can be cut, paint, or other can make us look more fresh.
  • Body. Diligent to the gym to make you a six pack body or a healthy diet along with exercise will make your body slim.
  • Clothing. On the other hand, you can also change the style of your outfit more fashionable and trendy. To be more perfect, you can add a simple yet elegant accessories.

Change attitudes. In addition, you also gradually change your attitude.

  • Simple. There is no harm, if you become a person that is simple for the sake of grabbing the attention of people you like.
  • Friendly. All people would like people who are friendly and flexible with anyone, even the person you seek.

Mendapatkan beasiswa kuliah memang menjadi impian banyak orang. Jika berhasil, mereka tidak perlu pusing masalah biaya kuliah yang mahal dan juga membebankan orangtua. Nah, jika kamu yang ingin daftar untuk dapat beasiswa, pastikan untuk memperhatikan segala persyaratan dan ketentuan dengan benar. Ada dua hal yang terdengar sepele dan sering terabaikan namun bisa membuat seseorang gagal dapat beasiswa:

  1. Dokumen tidak lengkap. Sebelum mengumpulkan berkas yang diperlukan untuk mendaftar, sebaiknay cek lagi untuk memastikan kelengkapannya. Pada umumnya, dokumen tersebut adalah fotokopi raport atau transkrip nilai, KTP, KK, dan sertifikat. Jika ada yang tinggal, maka Anda tentunya akan dieliminasi alias tidak lulus seleksi adminstasi.
  2. Datang telat ke lokasi tes. Hal sepele selanjutnya adalah datang telat ke lokasi tes. Selain menjadi nilai minus bagi Anda di mata pengawas, datang telat juga menggugurkan konsentrasi Anda dan juga mengurangi jatah waktu untuk menjawab. Maka dari itu, perhatikan dan ingat jadwal dan lokasi tes dengan benar.
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Banyak sekali wanita yang mengimpikan kulit wajah dan tubuh yang putih. Hal ini karena mereka berpendapat kalau wajah yang cantik itu ya harus putih bersih dan cerah. Kamu juga salah satu wanita dengan keinginan yang sama? Kamu bisa memutihkan kulit wajah secara alami.

Menggunakan resep alami, kamu nggak akan mendapatkan efek samping yang akan merusak kulit. Selain itu, kamu nggak perlu mengeluarkan uang banyak. Ramuan alami kan tinggal beli di pasar atau petik dikebun sendiri.

Nah, bicara soal cara memutihkan wajah secara alami, menurut website ini, salah satunya bisa menggunakan buah bengkoang yang dijadikan masker. Apa sebenarnya kandungan dalam buah yang satu ini sehingga bisa memutihkan kulit?

Bengkoang ternyata mengandung vitamin C yang bisa membantu proses regenarasi kulit, memperbaiki sel yang rusak, dan memperlambat rusaknya sel. Inilah yang membuat bengkoang kemudian terkenal mampu memutihkan kulit wajah dan tubuh. Gunakan masker bengkoang setiap hari dan dapatkan wajah putih yang kamu impikan!

Lombok has a lot of hidden paradises that travelers don’t know. How about you? Have you ever discovered a beautiful place in Lombok that is not famous? If you explore more, you’ll surely find it. Gili Bidara is one of those great places, in my opinion. But, I was fascinated more by the one of the waterfalls in Lombok, Benang Stokel Waterfall or Air Terjun Benang Stokel.

The location of Benang Stokel is not that far from Air Terjun Benang Kelabu. The latter sounds familiar enough, right? Both waterfalls are in Central Lombok Regency. The Benang Stokel is exactly at Pemotoh, Batu Keliang Utara. If you are from Mataram, you’ll have to drive about 30 minutes to reach the place.

By the way, Air Terjun Benang Stokel offers a very beautiful nature view that can amaze the visitors. The two waterfalls are flowing smoothly like the threads but not as swift as the waterfalls commonly. Also, people say the water is efficacious for health.

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As a parent, you have responsibilities to do good things and habits to your children. This is quite difficult to do because children usually like playing and ignoring what you teach. Therefore, you are required to be more patient. Besides, avoid doing these when teaching kids:

Snap them. You may feel annoyed and disappointed with your sons or daughters. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to snap them. If you do this, they can cry and be angry. Dealing with this problem you can stress out and feel depressed.

Do violence. When getting difficulty in teaching kids, some parents often do violence, like pinching, hitting, and even kicking to express their emotion. Never do this because it will only harm your children. Besides, if your family knows that you often do violence to your kids, you can go to jail. Thus, no matter how angry you are, don’t let emotion take over your mind, okay!

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Apakah kamu ingin menginap di hotel mewah tapi dengan harga terjangkau? Jika iya, pertimbangkan untuk memilih Hotel Soechi International Medan yang merupakan hotel bintang 4 populer di Medan. Hotel yang terletak di Jalan Cirebon No. 76 A, Pusat Kota Medan adalah salah satu hotel murah di Medan. Kamar Superiornya yang berukuran 32 m2 dibanderol dengan hanya dengan harga kurang lebih 329 ribu rupiah.

Kamar tersebut dilengkapi dengan penyejuk ruangan, koran, shower, meja, pengering rambut, bak mandi, minibar, setrika, kamar mandi terpisah, LCD TV, TV kabel, pembuat kopi, kulkas, akses Wi-Fi gratis, ruang duduk, dan air botol gratis. Jika ingin kamar yang cukup gede, bisa pilih kamar tipe Junior Suite yang luasnya 38 m2. Kamar tipe ini memiliki tarif per malam sekitar 495 ribu rupiah.

Untuk fasilitas di dalam kamar tipe Junior Suite, tak jauh beda dari kamar tipe superior. Namun, ada penambahan fasilitas, seperti mantel mandi. Kamar murah ini dijamin bisa memberikan kenyaman dan ketenangan saat beristirahat.

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Hubungan langgeng sampai ke jenjang pernikahan, pasti semua orang menginginkannya. Satu kunci melanggengkan hubungan cinta kasih adalah dengan mempertahankan atau bahkan meningkatkan kedekatan dengan pacar. By the way, ada yang tahu enggak caranya? Selain pengertian dan kejujuran, hal berikut mungkin bisa Anda lakukan untuk meningkatkan kedekatan dengan pacar.

Upayakan rutin berkomunikasi. Faktanya, dalam sehari ada banyak pasangan yang memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hubungannya dengan pacar karena pasangan tidak mampu menjalin komunikasi dengan baik. So, jangan biarkan hal ini terjadi pada hubungan Anda.

Upayakan liburan bareng. Melakukan perencanaan bersama, menjajaki tempat wisata bersama, serta menghadapi dan memecahkan masalah bersama saat liburan bukan tidak mungkin membuat hubungan Anda dan pasangan menjadi semakin dekat.

Berikan perhatian. Hal yang tak kalah penting adalah dengan memberikan perhatian kepada pasangan Anda. Cara sederhana yang bisa Anda lakukan adalah dengan memberikan hadiah saat hari ulang tahunnya, hari valentine, atau hari jadian, mendengarkan saat ia curhat bahkan memberikan solusinya, dan lain sebagainya.



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Pemilik dan pengendara Harley Davidson mesti, kudu, dan harus memiliki aksesoris bermerk sama. Salah satunya adalah tas. Pengendara Davidson tentunya perlu tas untuk membawa barang-barang pribadi misalnya dompet & uang, gadget, dan sebagainya. Nah, bagi Anda yang juga pecinta Harley Davidson, yuk bahas sekilas tentang tas Harley Davidson.

Tas tersebut terbuat dari kulit yang berkualitas tentunya. Namun, Anda harus ekstra hati-hati saat membelinya karena banyak sekali tas kulit sintetis beredar. Tas kulit sintetis adalah barang tiruan dari tas kulit asli. Harganya memang lebih murah, bahkan hingga 10 kali lipat lebih murah, namun kualitasnya tentu jauh di bawah yang asli.

Tas kulit Harley Davidson memiliki ukuran kira-kira 22 x 20 cm dengan panjang tali kira-kira 60 cm. Tersedia berbagai variasi warna yang dapat Anda sesuaikan dengan warna kesukaan atau event yang dihadiri, baik formal atau informal. Hitam, cokelat susu,  cokelat tua, dan biru navy hanyalah beberapa dari warna pilihan. Harganya? Biasanya sih sekitar 300-400 ribu rupiah.

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Bosan berlibur ke pantai, danau, dan air terjun? Sekarang saatnya Anda mencoba berwisata menantang ke Lampung Barat. Yup, selain terkenal dengan dodol tomat, abon ikan tuna, kopi strawberry, dan kue adat, Lampung Barat juga terkenal dengan wisata menantangnya.

Rafting di Sungai Way Besai. Sungai Way Besai adalah sungai yang berlokasi di Pekon Sidang Jaya, Kecamatan Sumber Jaya, Kabupaten Lampung Barat. Jeram-jeram yang dimiliki sungai Way Besai dijamin bakal buat Anda tertantang untuk menaklukkannya. Selain akan disuguhkan dengan jeram-jeram menantang, perjalanan rafting pun akan disuguhkan dengan pemandangan alam nan indah. Untuk sekali trip Anda hanya dibandrol sekitar 35o0rubu rupiah saja.  Biaya ini sudah termasuk peralatan untuk rafting seperti perahu karet, pelampung, dan pemandu.

Wisata paralayang. Di sisi lain, Anda juga bisa melakukan olahraga paralayang dari bukit-bukit tertinggi yang ada di Lampung. Dengan cara ini, Anda bisa melihat pemandangan alam nan indah mulai dari hamparan persawahan, perkebunan teh, gugusan pegunungan, dan bentangan danau dari atas awan.